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Drone companies which you might have never known

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

If you take a glance at the developments in the last 10 years drones probably might be one the sector where major advancements have taken place. The drones have replaced aerial photography, aerial mapping, surveillance, combat drones to name a few. With future developments in place to replace travel facilities (air taxi) we take a look at the drone companies which are not much recognized in India but are still a major player in the drone manufacturing.

Drone flying

Parrot drones are recently developed drone company. This company makes light compact drones for photography with an external setup of FPV(First-person view). Most of these drones are rugged so that they can withstand rough handling and also are good in aerial mapping. The Parrot ANAFI USA is the latest drone that was fabricated by the Parrot.

Autel Robotics is one of the leading drones manufacturers next to DJI. The EVO series is a well-known alternative to DJI drones. Autel robotics gives solutions for a new aerial system with advanced features. This company drone is easy to use for aerial photography, filming, and surveying. The EVO II Series is the latest product lineup from Autel robotics.

Founded in 2014, Skydio drones are well known for its autonomous operation and they drones made headlines in autonomous operations in the drone industry. In 2019, the company launched Skydio 2 drones and it was sold out in a single day. Skydio 2 has the most advanced flying artificial intelligence system in the world and the autonomy engines add an extra feature to the drones.

Ehang is famous for its air taxi about which we had posted an article before. The latest update of Ehang, they are going to launch air taxi Ehang 216 all over the world and they have already complete 100s of test flights in 6 countries. Ehang is a Chinese based company. They are specialists in controlling the entire operation of drones using a smartphone.

There are many other drone manufacturers but these four have been providing excellent service in drone fabrication. If there are any new updates in drone manufacturing companies we'll keep you posted.



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