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Autonomous Air taxi does test flight in the US!

Chinese drone manufacturing industry Ehang has demonstrated Autonomous Air Taxi in the US for the first time. It took flight for five minutes on a test track located south of Raleigh, North Carolina, with approximately 100 people.

Ehang has received permission to conduct a test flight from the US Federal Aviation Administration for the first time which in turn helped to set the stage for it to receive approval for passenger demonstrations in the near future.

Ehang has conducted over 2,000 trial flights in China, Austria, the Netherlands, Qatar, the UAE, and including now in the US. Ehang recently received approval from Chinese regulators to launch a commercial air mobility service in Guangzhou. As part of the pilot program, Ehang is working with the Guangzhou government to set up an air traffic control center. On the passenger front, Ehang has said it plans to use the pilot program to test more flight routes and “vertiports” from which its electric aircraft would take off and land.

The company also plans to conduct cargo deliveries of low-weight medical supplies, including blood and organs for emergency use.

The EH 216 air taxi can be a revolution in the transportation industry and also reduce the time for traveling long distances.

Specification of EH 216

· Two-seater vehicle

· Powered of 16 electric motors

· Speed of 80 km/h

· Weight of the drone: 270kg

· Payload lift capacity: 300 kg to 500 kg

These fully autonomous Pilotless air taxi can be accessed by passengers using their mobile to contact the air taxi. The air taxi will automatically fly and drop the passenger to the exact location.

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