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Tesla heads to India!

Elon Musk is among a few CEO's who is regularly active on the micro-blogging site Twitter. If the tweet from the CEO of Tesla is anything to go by, he has tweeted saying that Tesla will be launched in India "Next year for sure" in response to a tweet to Elon Musk requesting a "hopefully soon" tweet for the availability of Tesla cars in India from Tesla Club India.

Here's the tweet:

This is not the first time Elon Musk has tweeted regarding the availability of Tesla in India. Earlier Elon Musk mentioned about the halt in plans for India being on hold owing to local sourcing norms and supply issues. Prior to that Tesla stated that it had plans to launch its Model 3 in 2017 but had to be put on hold due to the above-mentioned factors. Even Tamilnadu Government in a move to enable the production of Electric cars in Tamilnadu had requested several Automobile industries among which was Tesla Industries.

Electric cars are the future of the automobile industry and India will obviously have a huge part to play in its implementation. But the electric vehicle scenery of India seems to be completely different from that of US and China. Tesla cannot directly execute their pre-existing models in India as the inconsistency in the road structure and its conditions will make Tesla lose its credibility and flop badly in the Indian market. Tesla will have to go back to the Drawing board and create a user-friendly model designed particularly for Indian Customers. Also, the main factor of consideration will have to be the cost-efficiency. The base variant of Tesla in 2020 costs about $41,190 which converts to ₹ 30,34,290.18. India has 500 Charging stations compared to nearby China which has about 5 lakhs of it.

It is worth noting that the complete scene of Electric automobiles has changed in India compared to 2015. Electric scooters are now a normal thanks to industries such as Hero and Ather that the user base has started embracing Electric vehicles. Other Car manufacturers such as MG Hector and Tata have also started plans to launch electric cars in India.

Tesla will eventually reach India but the question remains when will be the right time to do so?




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